Where We've Come From

In 2019, a couple members from Belton First United Methodist Church visited a new faith community while on a trip to Florida. It was a church built around the promise of food and fellowship. They were so excited by this idea, they informed folks back home about it! At the same time, discussions began in earnest at Belton First United Methodist about how best to provide service and hospitality to younger families in the Belton-Temple-Kileen area. Their thought? Food and fellowship! And so, in the summer of 2019 Belton First United Methodist launched a new faith community informed by the stories and experiences of churches seeking to build Sunday morning around people's needs. And so Brunch Church was born...

Where We're Headed

We are excited about the future of Belton Brunch Church! What began as a hope and dream to offer a hot meal and fellowship to all (but especially those ushering little humans out the door...) has grown into a cozy, virbant, weekly worship experience. As we grow, we continue to create a worship space where families eat pancakes and worship together at our tables. Where kids color, draw, or play with provided puzzles. Or children can attend our safe, secure, Children's Church programming. 

Where You Come in...

You and yours are more than welcome at Belton Brunch Church. And, while it is true that we focus on young families in our worship space and service style, all are more than welcome. We celebrate each week with little ones, teenagers, parents, college students, young adults, single and coupled adults, grandparents, veterans, civilians, you name it, we are worshiping together! So, if you are looking for a community centered around generous feasting and fellowship, Belton Brunch Church is the place for you. We would love to become a part of your story!


We'd love to hear from you

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